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The Mental Edge

“Prepare your brain and your body will follow.”

The Mental Edge is your greatest advantage in sports, business and in life. It is the sports psychology that athletes of all levels, student to Olympic and professional, are using to make them unstoppable!  I experienced this first hand 13 years ago when I needed to access my true potential.


My boxing career took off to a slow start. My first two fights resulted in a draw and a loss, but everyone said I actually won the second fight. Boxing is subject to the opinions of the judges though, unless there is a knockout. I needed to make it clear, and I knew I had it in me, somewhere. I just didn’t now how to access it!

I remember going to Barnes and Noble looking for books that might have what I needed, and that’s when I came across the book, The Mental Edge, by Ken Baum.  From the book I connected the dots that I was subconsciously holding back in the fights because that is how I was training! There weren’t many women in my weight class at the time, so I was always sparring girls lighter than me, so I had to hold back. And when I sparred the men and they were holding back, I did too! I learned then that we play how we practice. From that lesson and countless others I underlined and dogeared in the book, I got hooked and reached out to Ken to work with him personally and learn all I could from him.


The result of two days with him and my consistent mental training afterwards was undeniable: I ended my next fight in 32 seconds with a TKO. It was unreal. I was so relaxed in the locker room before hand that I was yawning! I didn’t know it then but I was entering The Zone, the place every athlete wants to be.

I will never forget the feeling of FINALLY fighting the way I knew I could. Even though I decided to stop pursuing boxing shortly after, I am so grateful I got to reach the potential I knew I had in me. It changed my life.

I can honestly say that the tools Ken gave me 13 years ago are exactly what keeps me accomplishing not only physical challenges, such as beating my marathon PR by 23 minutes, doing 10,000 push ups in 10 days for charity, doing 37 sets of the Santa Monica stairs (6,327 total in 2 hours) just for fun on my 37th birthday; it is the basis of my positive and go-getting attitude in life. I learned to think not just differently, but powerfully.

Thirteen years after meeting Ken, it is my great honor to be one of his trusted certified Mental Edge coaches. Whatever sport you play, goal you want to achieve or skills you need to improve, I know in my heart you can breakthrough to new levels of achievement faster than you ever imagined! Having the Mental Edge just works.

So get ready.  The Mental Edge makes the good great and the great unstoppable.

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