Los Angeles, CA

Something is working.  Made 3 birdies in 9 holes Meagan!  Never happier.  Thanks Meagan.

Damon, golf fitness client


My back feels so much better since we’ve been working out!



Last year I was trying to lose weight after giving birth to my daughter. I was plateauing on my weight loss and was getting a little frustrated.

I had trained years before with Meagan in preparation for my wedding and she literally transformed my body. I heard about her Holiday Fat-Off contest and though t it was a great idea! Maintain discipline throughout the holidays and lose weight, while most gain!

Meagan had always motivated me and was full of training expertise so I thought this was a perfect opportunity. I joined the contest and throughout the weeks received diet and workout tips and inspirational advice.

At the end, I dropped 12.5 pounds (during the Holiday Season) and won the contest and $900!

I continued to utilize her fitness and nutrition tips have lost another 17 pounds. I’m currently at my pre-baby weight and feel fantastic!

I highly recommend everyone join the Holiday Fat-Off to feel great during the holidays!

Dr. Stephanie Tyson, 2012 Holiday Fat Off Winner


Thank you for making me feel the best I’ve felt since…well, ever.



It’s more than a year since I’ve participated in a Fat Off, but Meagan’s innovative, personalized assistance was precisely what I needed to jump start my health.

I am now at my goal weight, and have been able to maintain it.

She helped me design an eating and exercise plan that was fun and easy to follow. Her periodic check-ins motivated me when I needed her help the most, too. And she never let me feel bad about “falling off the wagon.” I can’t recommend her highly enough!
SalliAnne, Holiday Fat Off Contestant


Thanks for the great motivation and tips! If it weren’t for you I’d still be in my bad eating habit days!
Sarah-Jayne Harper, Ireleand // Connected via Twitter!


Thank you for pushing me beyond my limits and encouraging me. You have helped me become way more fit and more confident in my body. I do and would totally recommend you to anyone willing to do the work.  You rock.

Erica Chase, Singer / Songwriter


Meagan In her amazing way keeps you going in that hour. She propels you to go deep inside and find your own personal fight. She brings it out of you. She makes it fun. She finds the humor. She is dedicated and she is the way forward…