Los Angeles, CA

There are very few times in life to go on a diet.

But always reasons to be healthy and feel our best.

There is no magic pill that you can take to lose weight or increase muscle without changing your eating or exercise habits. And there is definitely no “secret” to any of it. What does exist is a simple way of eating that you can maintain for life, and still enjoy your life.

It’s time to level up your thinking about nutrition and health.  Let me teach you!

Whatever your food preferences and however much weight you have to lose (100 pounds or those last stubborn 5), I will help you make this simple eating plan work for you and your lifestyle. One step at a time.

Add your patience, consistency and some hard work and you will experiencing the following:

    • Better sleep
    • Balanced energy, moods and hormones
    • Clearer thinking
    • Better digestion
    • Less cravings
    • Clearer skin
    • Increased lean muscle
    • Weight loss/maintenance of healthy weight
    • And more!
I provide customized meal plans to all my personal training clients, as well as online support no matter where you live.  And if you are in one of those few times of life where you need a diet,  you need to shed those last 5 pounds or reveal your strong abs, I can help you!
As a gift to your health, my meal plans are now available for a mere $50 (previously $179).

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