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Meagan Ward, formerly Meagan McBain, has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a personal trainer, boxing coach, nutrition coach, golf fitness coach, and Mental Edge coach. She has trained champions from 4 years of age to 85, from students to CEOs, from beginner athletes to professionals.

Her own fitness journey has spanned a variety of disciplines, including dance,  a professional boxing career, golf, marathon running, jumping rope, a bodybuilding bikini competition, 10,000 push ups in 10 days, and she is now training for her first sprint triathlon.

After being introduced to Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) by her golf pro, Meagan was inspired by their work and understanding of the human body as it relates the golf swing, and all rotation sports. She quickly completed their highest certifications, Level 3 Golf Fitness with a minor in Level 3 Golf and uses this training with every one of her clients regardless of sport.

Meagan recently married, became a bonus mom and moved to Oregon where she is now focusing her career on golf fitness and rotation sport fitness. She is a runner, golfer, former professional boxer, writer, dancer, traveler, lover of health, life, fun and laughing.


  • AFTA – American Fitness Training of Athletics
  • YAFT– Youth and Adolescent Fitness Trainer
  • TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness Coach  
  • Minor in TPI Level 3 Golf
  • The Mental Edge Affiliate Coach
  • IBNFC – International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching
CPR, AED, and First Aid

Gym location:

Meagan trains clients in-home in Southern Oregon.

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