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How To Healthfully Navigate A Weekend of Special Events

I’m reposting the following recap of a weekend I had a couple years ago because life includes plenty of special events, sometimes two days in a row!  Whether or not I’m on a particular fitness goal, I have standards for the foods and drinks I enjoy, so having a plan is vital to my health, happiness, sleep and energy. I don’t always navigate events perfectly, but when I have a plan, I succeed 99% of the time.  Sometimes “success” means enjoying my favorite treats without guilt.  And sometimes it means not... Read The Rest →


“What is the best exercise to lose weight?” I get this question a lot. My answer:  What do you like doing? If I tell you that spinning is the best exercise to lose weight/get in shape, but you hate being on a bike, then it isn’t the best exercise for you. The best exercise for you is the exercise that you enjoy, at least enough to do a few times a week.  So, figure out what you like doing, what inspires you, motivates you, keeps you coming back for more,... Read The Rest →

If It Is Not Amazing, It Is Not Going In My Face

  Summer is approaching. Trips are being planned, bodies are about to be worked into sweaty messes, and diets will be attempted, all in the name of feeling good in that bathing suit.  (I do it too!) But with summer may come hot-weather-induced ice cream cravings, BBQs, refreshing summer cocktails and the occasional ballpark hotdog, i.e. the potential for weight gain, bloating, binging, and worst of all in my opinion, guilt. Guilt for eating too much, drinking too much, eating things you don’t even like just because it was there.... Read The Rest →

How to Navigate a Menu

Let’s face it, menus are daunting. Even when you’re not on a mission to get healthy and eat better, most chain restaurants these days include so many options it is tough to figure out exactly what you want, especially when you’re starving. When you’ve decided to eat healthier, the restaurant menu (or the buffet at Suzy’s wedding or the company holiday party) becomes a nightmare. Some people decide not to go out at all because they don’t know what to eat.  Some just give in because they are so starving... Read The Rest →

A Lesson on Salads

  Whenever I start working with someone on their nutrition, I always ask what a few days of their eating looks like.  Many times people mention they eat salads when they’re “trying to eat healthy”.  However, oftentimes those salads are not necessarily a healthy choice. Especially at restaurants. If you’re eating a salad because you’re trying to eat healthy you’ll have to make adjustments (see below), or just go ahead and eat what you really want because it might actually be better for you. Just because a restaurant labels something... Read The Rest →

Understanding the Scale

We’ve all had it happen. We’re eating well and exercising. 
Our clothes fit better and we feel good!
 Until we step on the scale. What?! 

I weigh the same? Or worse, I gained weight?! What the holy kale is going on here?! Breathe. It’s going to be okay.

 So many things can be causing that number on the scale. But even if you’ve hit a plateau on the scale, it doesn’t mean you aren’t losing weight. The body is constantly adjusting to food, fluids, exercise, hormones, sleep patterns, elevation changes,... Read The Rest →

Notes On Alcohol

– Liquor is one of the hardest things to give up when on a get fit, slim down mission.  But if you’re serious about getting results you need to give it up, or at least apply the rules I’ve come up with in order not to sabotage your efforts. But don’t stop reading if you’re not on said mission right now.   You like to wake up rested in the morning, right?  And you like to feel good and have energy during the day, yes?  Then keep reading. First, a... Read The Rest →

Timing Is Everything

When you eat is as important as what you eat. In previous posts I’ve explained the different nutrients the body needs in order to thrive:  carbs, fat, protein and water.  Now that you know what foods to eat to feel good, and what foods to stay away from (most of the time), I want to explain more about the timing of foods. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. For starters, since you’ve been sleeping, your body has been without food for anywhere from 5 to 8 or... Read The Rest →

Protein Builds Your Muscle!

As I’ve explained so far, carbohydrates are your energy source, fats also provide energy, maintain cells and much more, and now we have the muscle building, maintaining and restoring superpower: protein!  It’s also responsible for healthy blood cells, key enzymes and strengthening the immune system. Shazam! Your body needs all three forms of nutrients: carbs, fat and protein in order to run properly, in the same way your car needs fuel, oil and coolant. Are you getting all three? Many people are missing the lean protein component in their meals... Read The Rest →

There are Good Fats Too!

We need fat, but the right kind. There are 4 types of fats:                 As you can see, a lot of what you might be eating is in the saturated and trans fats categories.  I know, I know,  they just taste so good! To keep it simple, build up of saturated fats lead to production of cholesterol, and get lodged in blood cells and organs which leads to obesity and host of health problems including heart disease and cancer. But the healthy fats… –... Read The Rest →

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