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“What is the best exercise to lose weight?” I get this question a lot. My answer:  What do you like doing? If I tell you that spinning is the best exercise to lose weight/get in shape, but you hate being on... Read The Rest →

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How to Navigate a Menu

Let’s face it, menus are daunting. Even when you’re not on a mission to get healthy and eat better, most chain restaurants these days include so many options it is tough to figure out exactly what you want, especially when you’re... Read The Rest →

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A Lesson on Salads

  Whenever I start working with someone on their nutrition, I always ask what a few days of their eating looks like.  Many times people mention they eat salads when they’re “trying to eat healthy”.  However, oftentimes those salads are not... Read The Rest →

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Understanding the Scale

We’ve all had it happen. We’re eating well and exercising. 
Our clothes fit better and we feel good!
 Until we step on the scale. What?! 

I weigh the same? Or worse, I gained weight?! What the holy kale is going on... Read The Rest →