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My Niece Wants My Bowling Pins

My 15 year old niece is a beautiful young woman, inside and out. She is a champion gymnast, beautifully strong, lovely and lean, with long strawberry blonde hair, a megawatt smile and she has had defined abs since she was 7... Read The Rest →

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How to Navigate a Menu

Let’s face it, menus are daunting. Even when you’re not on a mission to get healthy and eat better, most chain restaurants these days include so many options it is tough to figure out exactly what you want, especially when you’re... Read The Rest →

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I’m often asked “what is the best workout to lose weight?” My answer is this: the workout you LIKE doing. The workout you enjoy so much you’ll keep consistent with it, no matter what. The workout that makes you wish it... Read The Rest →

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“…the balance we seek lies in the natural shifting of our priorities.” We all realize we are out of balance at some point in our lives and we get varying degrees of upset about it.  It even happens to me! There are times... Read The Rest →